Il mio tagliere ha poche regole base
  • Quality: our cutting boards are certified for food contact and we will send you the certification with the product if you request it when ordering (only asking for a small contribution).
  • Service:we deliver the cutting board you ask for within 24 hours.
  • Flexibility: there are also standard chopping boards, but with us you can create the chopping board you need: thickness, colour, dimensions and accessories can be customised from the site, with a few simple clicks you can create the product you need.
  • Convenience: for purchases over €48 (VAT excluded) we deliver for free throughout Italy, for smaller orders we only ask for a cost contribution of €7 (VAT excluded).
  • For foreign countries, delivery is free for orders over €75, for the United Kingdom, €150. Shipping costs for smaller orders amount to €9.90 (VAT excluded), for the United Kingdom and Switzerland €20 (VAT excluded).
  • Expertise: We know what your problems are (custom dimensions, need to plane the cutting board, different accessories) and we can offer them to you.
  • Efficiency: all our cutting boards are managed with barcodes and batch numbers, at all times we are able to know which material was used to make a cutting board and what operations were done to make it.